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●. εΦΤÁ COLORS, the puzzle rings .●• 

٠•●  ¡¡¡Design your own color puzzle ring!!! ●•٠

7 COLORS = Pink + Red + Orange + Yellow + Green + Blue + Violet

Personalized ring collection εΦΤÁ COLORS fabricated in strong and flexible plastic. Choose your color palette. Combine your colors based on your preference. Puzzles that you can personalize based on your clothes colors. Everyone would be curious to try to assemble your puzzle ring.

٠•●• A playful entertainment when someone makes you wait. It's not just a ring, it's a multicolor toy •●•٠



.•.  εΦΤÁεΦΤÁ GEMS and εΦΤÁ COLORS collections are interchangeable between them .●•.

٠•●.The combinations are as many as you can imagine! Do you design yours?.●•٠