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Interchangeable rings. Silver + Polyamide. Gloss finish.

Chromatic collection for Stilnest.

CHROMATIC collection was made for Stilnest, a german company dedicated to 3D printing in Berlin. The result of the collaboration was a limited serie inspired by the forms of the initial logo, that later on changed. On the web users can find a brief history of each designer, so as consumers to have a more personal connection to whoever designed each piece. 

"My life is the design and my big passion", says Nuria Parrado.

From the moment she wakes until she goes to sleep she plays with forms and shapes in her mind. Forms she sees, remembers or simply imagines. It's no strange that since she was a kid she knew she wanted to study something artistic. In the design she found the functionality that painting or sculpture couldn't give. The Circle ring was born from the combination of pure geometric forms.

 Limited serie. Not for sale in the time being

Chromatic arises from the concept of the Crisis collection rings, inner rings with colors to match everyday clothes.