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Every gem can have any kind of cut: heart, marquise, radiant, trillion, etc., however, the best cut for a diamond to show all its optical properties, it is the so-called brilliant cut. This type of cutting is so characteristic for diamonds that both terms are often confused.


Brief History of the Brilliant Cut.

The diamond cutting has evolved throughout history, up to the modern brilliant cut. The first tries date from the fourteenth century and refer to the "glass art", corresponding to a natural octahedral crystal, occasionally polished. In the begining of the XV century the table cut emerges, it is an octahedron with the apex lowered obtaining a square flat surface called table. As technology progressed emerged the simple cut of the XVI century. They were adding facets in order to find the perfect cut with the highest sparkle and shine provoqued by the dance of the candlelight in the halls of the court. In the XVII century appear the Mazarin cut with 32 facets, the Peruzzi with 58 facets and the antique cut of the XX century. The modern brilliant cut began around 1900.


٠•●• BRILLIANT ring •●•٠

٠•● This collection is inspired by the beauty of the cutting, as by themselves are jewels, marking its facets with tubular structures highlighting the facet that lets out more light to come, the table. ●•٠