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.•●. εΦΤÁ, the puzzle ring .●•.

Four-piece puzzle in the form of 7, a metaphor of the unity between cultures.
The colors of gold symbolize the different color skins.
٠•● Double function: used as jewel or as a playful puzzle ●•٠


 ٠•●• 7 is a lucky number, the most preferred in the world •●•٠

Its name comes from εφτά - [efta] or επτά - [epta] which means 7 in Greek.
εΦΤÁ ring is inspired by the magic number 7. Seven are the wonders of the world. Seven are the days in a week, as the days of creation. Seven are the colors that goddess Iris reveals in the sky with her bow. Seven are the arts that take the spirit of man out of shadow and darkness to guide him towards light and knowledge. Seven are the chakras that give man the power to cross the threshold of enlightenment. Recognized as the most fortunate number in Western culture but also combined with luck in the Eastern ones too.

٠•●• Number 7, a divine number •●•٠

The pieces are available in yellow, white, rose and black rhodium plated gold and are plenty enough to transform a single ring into an interchangeable collection. Also possible making one or more puzzle pieces in 925 silver.

.•.  εΦΤÁ, εΦΤÁ GEMS and εΦΤÁ COLORS collections are interchangeable between them .●•.

·•● Design your own puzzle ring εφτá !!! ●•·
٠•●.There are many combinations! what is yours?.●•٠