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.•●. εΦΤÁ GEMS, the puzzle ring .●•.

εΦΤÁ GEMS is the golden version with gems from the εφτá collection. The client can choose the color of gems, as well as the color of gold that he wants for each of the four independent pieces that make up the puzzle. The rings can be customized according to the taste of each person.

٠•● The combinations are endless since the rings of the εφτá collections are reversible ●•٠


These jewels that people can play with, ultimately pursuing a more playful and emotional design.

.•.  ΕΦΤÁΕΦΤÁ GEMS and ΕΦΤÁ COLORS collections are interchangeable between them .●•.

·•● Design your own puzzle ring εφτá Gems!!! ●•·
٠•●.Choose the combination you prefer! Choose the color of your gems and gold!.●•٠